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Sakai Terminology is not always clear to the newcomer, and not always easy to define in a search through the web pages.

This is mostly end-user terminology. Please see also the Glossary for Sakai 3.

Please add to this table-- either definitions for open items, or new terms, with context if possible.









i18n: Internationalization



l10n: Localization


A new tag will be cut next week.

Tag: The process of deploying the current trunk code onto the QA servers. A tag makes the next official version of community Sakai public.


That code is not yet in trunk.

Trunk: The main development code base of Sakai. The trunk is Sakai Out-Of-The-Box.


The UX group is working on the anonymous interface.

UX: User Experience; the discipline, formerly better known as User Interface, that applies human factors to development of friendly and efficient user controls.


The wireframes show no search capacity yet.





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  1. I would say that all the entries in the current table are developer terminology, which is not relevant to end users.  The primary focus of the documentation working group should be end user documentation, which should not use terms such as these.  However, this table may be helpful for people looking to participate more in developing Sakai.