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For EuroSakai 2011

The new documentation group is dealing with Help File format, and leading discussion on institutional customization. But content and responsibility remain somewhat ungoverned.

1. Help Files-- current status and process. What should be the official scope of the Help files in the KB?

2. Tricky Issues Regarding KB-- inaccurate contents, unexplained features, unsupported projects, contrib projects, contributors with inadequate resources for documentation, quality assurance.

   a. What procedures should be followed for writing and submitting docs? How can problems be recorded and addressed-- JIRA? Can we develop a mechanism for some volunteer community member or group to accept responsibility for a portion of the KB? How can the developers be involved?

  b. Can and should we enforce standards? Who would do that, and how? Code can be tested with scripts, but documentation must be read, understood, and then tested manually.

3. What other types of documentation are needed-- user guides, pedagogical guides, case studies? Who will write these? How can consistent formats and standards be applied?

4. For all documentation, what is the best way to sustain good practices in a diverse volunteer community?

This could be a Birds-of-a-Feather session.

Category: Quality Assurance in Code and Practice
Intended Audience: Developers, Administrators, Users, and Governing Bodies

Notes from Conference Session

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