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Project Coordinators:

Project Scope:

  • Sakai  2.8 OOTB documentation proposed improvements, contributed to IU KB team.
    • QA process to catch any inaccuracies in existing content
    • Proposed recommendations to improve textual organization or layout in the help pages to help end-users find and use help information quickly and easily

Project Out of Scope:

  • Release Mgmt issues. The timeline for this project may not line up very well with the 2.8 release of Sakai. We hope that the documentation improvements will end up in a 2.8.1release or 2.8.x branch.

Project Timeline (proposed):

  • Review and draft recommend changes: Now through April 30
  • Time for group feedback: May 1-15
  • Revised changes based on feedback: May 20
  • Final group review: May 23-27
  • Final changes: June 1-7
  • Submit final recommendations to IU: June 10


Project Organization:

Interested community members are encouraged to pair up to form a writing team. At least one member of the team should be a functional expert on the topic to be improved. Each writing team will report to the Project Coordinator every two weeks (ideally during a conference call) to discuss progress to date and issues discovered as well as next steps.

Project Communications:

  • Regular email communications will occur on the Sakai "Documentation" list.
  • One (1) hour phone conferences will occur every other week.
    • March 16, 2011 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern
      • Dial in: 877-411-8449 (toll free) or 310-506-6992
      • MeetingID: 72524#
      • If first caller, press star key (*) to cancel the wait music
      • Titanpad for this specific meeting:

Project Audience: End-Users: Instructors, Students, Project owners

Tools under consideration (and interested writing teams) -- NOTE: During this project we opted to focus attention on Site Info as a first attempt. Items below were considered and worked on briefly in the beginning.

  • Tests & Quizzes - Alan, Robin
  • Forums - Jennifer, Mathieu
  • Assignments - Jennifer's team
  • Site Info - Kara Stiles, Jim Mezzanotte
  • Roster
  • Gradebook 1.0
  • Worksite setup
  • Resources
  • Announcements
  • Drop box - Jeff Z.
  • SiteStats
  • Profile
  • Profile 2.0

Writing teams

  • Identify who enjoys writing, editing, planning
  • Identify workspace (Google Docs? Confluence wiki?)
  • Identify timelines, deadlines, first draft, second, etc.
  • Identify wording in Sakai to be revised? Weird processes?
  • Partner with a functional expert/developer?

Need a 2.8 Server to Use?

Team Member Timeline and availability
Location to start work

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