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  • 9-9-08 Meeting Notes
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September 9th DG: User Meeting
TIME: 11:30am EDT

In attendance:
Robin Hill (UWyoming), Jon Hays (UC Berkeley), Tina Silverstein (Alameda) (briefly), Christine Doherty (Stanford), Sam (??), Anna Galka and Lorie Stolarchuk(UWindsor), Cha Wa O (Georgia Tech), Rita Pavolka (IU), Carol Rhodes (IU), Maggie Ricci (IU)

[It's a wiki - please correct spelling, add last names, etc.  I couldn't hear everything on the call.)

Working Agenda:

  1. Status of Supporting Sakai 2.5.x
    • Problems noticed & possible solutions
    1. No indication of the course from which an Assignments email announcement comes (Robin)
    2. Reorder tools has some problems in IU implementation with Home being moved to the bottom and tools disappearing; Berkeley sees no problems; GA Tech has problems in combined sites
    3. Berkeley has some problems with guest accounts producing extra instances of students in the same course
    4. Roster tool at IU has not been well-received because it doesn't show groups (but it seems to work as designed)
    5. Web Content tool sometimes loses its menubar even if you tell it to open in another window (IE7 and FF3)
    • Need a process for bringing up problems and questions and moving them into the right channels
    1. Robin has created the Guidance for Support page
    2. Jon will create an area to share Known Issues links
    3. These may be documentation (, implementation (developers), or functional requirements (wish list) questions
    • New resources to share - Jon had several additions to Help Systems workgroup page. He has been asking people at other schools how they use the help.
  1. Anna asked for a recap of the last couple of meetings:
  • Robin pointed to the information on the Creative Commons & Attribution workgroup page
  • Rita drew everyone's attention to the fact that the new Sakai web page is scheduled to go live tomorrow (9/10/08); it will have a lot of screencasts available on it
  1. Workgroup Reports
  • Custom End-User Documentation - no action since last meeting
  • Help Tool Revision - Steve Lonn has been in contact with Jonathan Bolte at IU, and some changes are being considered
  • Screencasts & Multimedia Instruction - More info in the next couple of meetings when the beginning of semester rush dies down

For next time:

  • Rita will moderate.
  • IU will start the agenda page.
  • Someone needs to volunteer to take notes (or you'll get another mess like this from Maggie). 
  • Meeting date - October 14, 2008
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