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  • 6-17-08 Meeting Notes
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Meeting Notes 6/17/08

Attendees: Rita Pavolka (IU), Maggie Ricci (IU), Robin Hill(U Wyoming), Steve Foehr (RINet), Jane Efflinger(RINet), Tina Silverstein (Alameda)

We briefly discussed questions about attribution:

  • How does it affect tenure and promotion?
  • Maybe we should see what people start using and let the best strategy emerge
  • should be discussed at session in Paris
  • We want to have the fewest necessary barriers to allow it to work

In proceeding as a working group and finding ways to share user support materials and strategies, we want to have the fewest barriers necessary to allow sharing to occur.

Discussions about other sessions at Paris conference that are related to end user support and pedagogy.

End User Support Presentation/Discussion is scheduled for 11 am Wednesday.

BOF tentatively scheduled for 5-6 pm Wed.

For session:

1.       Point people to confluence page

2.       Discuss each of working groups

  • Need volunteers from each group

3.       Rita and Maggie will talk briefly about "past and present"

4.       Rita will find some reps from Umich and Berkeley 

 Next meeting  Aug 12 from 1 to 2 EDT (Robin will take notes) 

Working groups need to meet during July.  We will feature one working group at each meeting, even though all working groups will have a brief report. 

  • August - attribution and copyright group
  • September - Screencasting group  

Someone from IU will make a conference post - some summary of cool things that pertain to End User Support and Pedagogy.

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