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Attendees: John Hall (University of Delaware), Karen Kral (University of Delaware), Tina Silverstein (Alameda County Brd of Ed), Robin Hill (Wyoming), Margaret Ricci (Indiana), Hannah Reeves (rSmart), Trisha Gordon (UVA), Steve Foehr (RINET), Steve Lonn (University of Michigan)

Workgroup Reports
A. Creative Commons & Attribution
Robin Hill and Trisha Gordon - Robin posted issues on CC and Attribution page. Sakai code is under the attribution version of creative contributions license which allows commercial sale and change in distribution code. Documentation might be more appropriate to have attribution non commercial and share alike. Should sample courses be treated differently?
Action Item:
Hannah to review notes and contact Sakai Board (Chris Coppola) to inquire about Board's recommendation on licensing for documentation.

B. Custom End-User Documentation
Trisha posted initial ideas for custom docs off Custom End-User Documentation Page.
Definitely want to enlist Indiana's representation.
Three action items:

  • Develop a list of best practices pedagogical approaches by function- Trisha
  • Create high level list of documentation building blocks for newcomers and continue to brainstorm and think of ways of creating and using documentation - Karen
  • Contact IU to ask about someone on KB team participating in this group - Margaret

Additional items/issues/questions:

  • Come up with a way to share own FAQs with each other. Where should this be hosted?
  • Identify site for posting best practices pedagogical information - Should this be in Collab, Drupal etc?

Group will continue to post info to Confluence until other spaces/places are decided upon.
C. Help Tool Revision
No report

D. Screencasts & Multimedia Instruction
Workgroup hasn't met yet but Tina started a page with initial resources on the Screencasts & Multimedia Instruction page
Would like direction on what would be most helpful
Everyone would love to be able to share screencasts on Sakai. Group was looking for a way to share and trade screencasts. Group thought it might be simpler to use Adobe Captivate because it's relatively easier to edit screen by screen. Workgroup was asked to investigate which product would be easiest to use to edit other screencasts.

Sakai in Paris Conference schedule
There will be presentation/discussion entitled:
Sharing End-User Support Content: Process, Progress, and Future
11-11:40 on Wednesday, July 2nd
Rita and Margaret think 4-6 people would be correct number to have on panel.

  • Trisha volunteered
  • Robin volunteered if schedule permits
  • Hannah volunteered if schedule permits

Ideas for content- supporting people who are supporting end-users
BOF will likely follow
There may not be anyone from Michigan present. Rita is checking into setting up a phone bridge or connection for Steve Lonn or others who are not attending the conference.

Supporting Each Other - Q & A about End-User Support Issues
No big question of the month

Steve F - proposed getting User Support page more visible off Sakai page.

Next Meeting
June 17th @ 1:00 EDT
Spend some time on workgroups
Conference discussion and preparation
Set up a BOF time- Conference Cmt is discussing BOF times now

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  1. I'm sorry I couldn't attend the meeting...

    About point D)

    I have spent some time evaluating screen capture software for our Sakai training material at UD. It might be a good place to start from to evaluate products:

    Screen and Audio Capture Report

    At U of Delaware, we have decided to use Captivate CS3, without audio narration. Our rationale was that it would be quicker to build, easier to start from a template (Captivate offers a template feature), and that we wouldn't be dependent on the voice of someone in particular for edits.

    Since every institution uses its own skin, I wonder how much we can share these videos and really save time... The scenarios would be great to share though...

    Mathieu Plourde

    1. Even if you share videos that are made with a different skin, it can still save someone else time by serving as a starting point. They can use your video as a "script" to guide the creation of a screencast of their own, locally-branded system.