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  • 3-19-2008 Meeting Notes
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Present: Rita Pavolka (Indiana), Margaret Ricci (Indiana), Steve Lonn (Michigan), Margaret Wagner (Michigan), Anna Galka (Windsor), Jon Hays (Berkeley), Gloria Hardman (Yale), Trisha Gordon (UVa)

1. Review of the directions for adding to the Confluence site

Problem with track changes in Word 2007 / 2008
Instead let's send out a PDF - something easily transferable and easy to print out
Don't want to deter people since it's in confluence
Margaret (Indiana) sees some sentence framents, etc. - she will edit and sent out to the group.
BOF context is removed on the Confluence version, everyone okay with that

2. Review of Steve's changes to the DG: User site & the end-user resources page placement

Everyone likes it and is happy with the changes.
Steve made a quick change to the "Add/Edit" link so it now goes directly to the editing page.
Steve will add a link to the documentation confluence site

Maybe a little confusing. Jon says - it's okay to keep things in the form they are, because this is an iteration and the resources might change a look or location in the future.

For searching for DG User, let's change the description under "Welcome to the Sakai User Discussion Group Site!" to better reflect our objectives. Jon will work on this

3. Planning for announcement message

  • Need to send to people who attended the BOF
  • Followup to lists (DG: User, documentation, pedagogy, UX, )
  • Rita will writeup the text of the message, Anna will edit and then pass on to the group
    The message must be ready tomorrow so it can get in this week's Sakai newsletter!

4. Discussion of future library - with Nate Angell?

  • Ran out of time, tabled to next meeting
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