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  • 11-18-2008 minutes
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November 18, 2008
Working Agenda:

  1. Virginia Tech Conference
    1. Interesting End-User related session reports
    2. Pedagogy - USER BOF report
      1. Next steps?
  2. Getting suggestions / feedback from users
    1. Steve's Summary Document - Excel Version
    2. Steve's Document - Google Docs Version
    3. Commonalities? Can we agree on what's the highest priority here?
    4. Agreement? Workgroup needed?
  3. Workgroup Reports
    1. Screencasts & Multimedia Instruction
    2. Custom End-User Documentation
    3. Help Tool Revision
  4. Other issues / topics

November 18, 2008 minutes

Those present: Jon Hays - U of Ca Berkeley, chair; Rita Pavolka - Indiana University, notes; Trisha Gordon - U of VA; Steve Lonn and Jeff Ziegler - U of Michigan; Christine - Stanford; Robin Hill - Wyoming

Next meeting's chair, Robin Hill; note taker – VOLUNTEER anyone?

  1. Recap/discussion of some highlights of Virginia Tech Conference (see working agenda for presentation links)
  2. Interesting End-User related session reports listed on this phone meeting's agenda
  3. User-Pedagogy BOF recap
    • good to meet people - put together faces, names
    • suggestions were made for finding some different ways to share our experiences, and more effectively work during meetings
    • create podcasts/screencasts either sharing work at your community or training on topics, like captivate session by IU coming in Dec. or Jan., then come back and ask questions
    • balance the work that has to be done
    • Jon volunteered to follow up with more robust presentation on his UVa session
    • Trisha also volunteered to create example of sharing
  4. Recap of Jon's UVa "help" presentation - community of champions (bldg community of dept/college level faculty and support communities)
    • Working to provide additions to help from the "community of champions" (defining a style guide - to be able to support them to be able to make a contrib)
    • In the future they'll look at how we control/manage the content that we have
    • UVA has done something similar, primarily of librarians, UVA fac turn to them for info beyond their usual milieu
    • Brief sidenote about Jon making contact with Tx State and IU folks
  5. Getting suggestions / feedback from user
    • Steve's Summary Document - Excel Version
    • Steve's Document - Google Docs Version, moved doc edited during meeting back into confluence
    • Based on conversation during meeting the following folks have agreed to "shepherd" these tools/issues
    • Trisha Gordon, UVa - FCK editor, Wiki
    • Robin Hill, Wyoming, Rita Pavolka IU - Assignments/Gradebook
    • Jon Hays, UCal, Berkeley – Forums
    • Jeff Ziegler UMich – Webdav
    • ?? Resources
    • Rita Pavolka - Chat tool
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