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  • 10-14-2008 Meeting Notes
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Meeting Notes:

On Call - Jon (UCB), Rita (IU), Steve (UM), Dave (VT), Fernando (UCD), Steve (RiNet)

  1. Virginia Tech Conference
    1. Who is attending? Steve (RiNet), Steve (Michigan), Jon (UCB), Dave (VT)
      1. T&L
      2. Migration
        1. Manual Site Creation - UCB, UM, ?
        2. Auto Site Creation - IU,
    2. Who is presenting? Steve (RiNet), UW (WebCT migration), Steve Lonn( User Survey), Jon (Help Project)
    3. BOF needed?
      1. Dave (VT) will work on scheduling a BOF for the conference.
      2. T&L - End-User collaboration/cooperation opportunities: look for ways to keep each other informed of our activities and make sure our goals align.
      3. Take photos for the site (Dave will bring a camera)
  2. Sakai Website space for End-User support group (Rita is working on this)- Have a collage of End-User support folks who are involved in the community.
    1. Have a Photo Collage
    2. Have Help Documents or Rotating links to Screencasts, Help Docs, etc. (add to agenda for next time)
  3. Getting suggestions / feedback from users - what do we do with them once we have them?
    1. IU's Enhancement Process -
      1. Tiered Support: Requirements Committee reviews Bugs & Feature requests
      2. For Bugs - Collect's issues, Report to IU JIRA, Checks Sakai JIRA before working on local solution.
    2. VT is just starting this process. Suggestions for Tools, Pilots, Weekly Project Meetings. Help Request System to collect.
    3. UCB is re-evaluating their process.  More to come.
    4. RiNet - Uses the Help Desk, Monthly Meetings
    5. Others (e.g., Michigan's "suggestion box")
    6. Other methods / idea
      1. List them on this page: Bottom-Up Guidance for Support
        1. Add items to the page that have made your "top 5" problems with Sakai, so that the End-User Support Group can
    7. Feeding suggestions into Sakai development: JIRA, Priorities, etc.
  4. Workgroup Reports
    1. Custom End-User Documentation
    2. Help Tool Revision - UCB & IU should talk about how changes at IU may help meet common goals
      1. Shareable Model
      2. Customize OOTB Help, Have input,
      3. Steve Marquard (CapeTown), get him involved in the conversation
    3. Screencasts & Multimedia Instruction
      1. Tina needs collaborators to share/skin Captivate files.  UCB will do some tests.
      2. IU also has some info for customizing Screencasts (see front page)  They will also share their source files to group members.
  5. Other Issues or Projects That Need Workgroups?
    1. Are there pain-points in Using / Supporting Sakai that are not addressed by current workgroups?
    2. Other projects that the DG: USER community should be aware of (e.g., something happening in the Pedagogy group that is Support-related)
      1. Showing Demo Courses - ways to share demo courses, examples for faculty, etc.
      2. Have a "Spotlight" to show what different faculty are doing (as Screencasts)
  6. Other issues / topics
    1. Home page organization-- okay to add to "Current Workgroups and Tasks? (R. Hill)
  7. Next Meeting: 18 November, 11:30am-12:30pm, talk about screencasts, "top 5" issues on your campus, and review conference. Jon Hays will facilitate. Rita will take notes.
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