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  • 08-12- 2008 Meeting Notes
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August 12 2008

Ready to take the minutes...

Karen Crawford and Anand Mehta, rSmart
Steve Lonn, U Michigan (chair)
Tina Silverstein, Alameda County Office of Ed
Jon Hays, Berkeley
Steve Foehr, RINet
Maggie Ricci, Indiana
Rita Pavolka and Carol Rhodes, Indiana
Trisha Gordon, UVa
Christine Doherty, Stanford

Paris Conference:

Ricci: USER presentation brief and informal. Discussion of HELP tool; customization required when tools renamed. Pavolka: Jonathan Bolte interested in assisting. And we need a content area for submitted by not yet approved.

In fact, the whole HELP tool may be redesigned to accommodate such flexibility. With this group's help.

Pavolka: Good conversation in the presentation. Change meeting time for broader timezones? Screencasts shown, to be discussed. Presentations on Confluence soon.

Silverstein: Needs someone to help with experiment with Captivate 3. (Rhodes: Yes. Hays: Interested.)

Hill: Need for end-user support in the air, but no particular contributions or suggestions.

Work Group Reports

Creative Commons, Hill: The page here described the issue. The action indicated seems to be: Have all user-support materials developers copyright under CC with whatever elements they want, for instance by-sa-nc. Watch for emergent practice.

Screencasts, Silverstein: Put up pages for examination.

Custom Docs and Help Tool:
Ricci: Jonathan Bolte will proceed to take up the investigation.
Pavolka: Perhaps these two efforts could be merged.
Lonn: Mark Norton working on name override in code for tools. Started thread for discussion on "dev" list. Will attempt matchmaking.

Should the two groups be merged-- Custom End-User Docs and Help Systems?

Ricci: Possibly not, although significant overlap.
Pavolka: As long as each aware of the other.
Hays: Our interest in the Knowledge Base is as materials for incorporation into our own Help system. Will send link to current Berkeley Help. (Using Drupal to develop.)

Getting Ready for Fall

Lonn: What are people doing?
Hays: Help topics integrated with How-To library, procedural, and FAQ. A lot of training through online workshops. New Gradebook (2.5) may be a challenge.
Lonn: Also using 2.5. So far so good. Mneme available. Summer photo contest will provide pictures for rotation on home page.
Pavolka: KB updated for 2.5, but local materials still in progress. Difficult to determine cutoff for screen capture.

Doherty: How will you (Hays) take content from Drupal for website?
Hays: HTML from Drupal (question) with import tool. No more automated feeds from Sakai.
Doherty: And serving from where? Your own site?
Hays: Yes, see Workgroup page for Help Systems. Drupal web app generates URLs.

Lonn: Meeting Time?

Let's try 11:30 Eastern (8:30 Pacific), Tuesdays. Next: September 9th, although Steve Lonn will be gone.
Chair: Hays
Minutes: Pavolka

Taken by: Robin Hill, University of Wyoming,

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