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Sakai Properties Reference - OSP

Property Name



Enable creation of portfolio sites, in addition to course & project. This is required in Sakai 10 and later:



Whether or not to cache presentation data for OSP presentations.
This property is used in Sakai version(s): 2.6

Default: false. Enable cookies to track form save attempts/success (SAK-15911); Default is false, meaning no new cookies


Default: true. Send an email to the user when the user is added (also controls whether or not guest users may be added to osp portfolios).


Default: false. No longer needed in current Sakai versions. Previously enabled selection & auto-population of matrix/wizard cells with assignments (SAK-10832). Current functionality allows this to happen without a Sakai property being set.


Default: false. Disables the ability for users to "Design Your Own" free form portfolios. Useful for those installations where only template-based portfolios are anticipated.


Whether or not to set the developer flag for migration testing. Should not be used on production systems. true / false


Default= false. If true, users with permission (SAK-16610); May view all portfolios in site (whether or not they've been shared).


Allow restricted view of preview matrices by permission (e.g. osp.matrix.scaffolding.edit) (SAK-15540); Default value is null (all can view)

Default: false. If true allow any (matrix/wizard) reviewer to view members independent of group membership


Default: false. Set this to true when upgrading from Sakai 2.4 to 2.5

Whether or not to alter the data warehouse tables. true / false

Whether or not to create the data warehouse tables. true / false

Whether or not to run the script specified in when initializing the Sakai data warehouse. true / false

Whether or not to drop the data warehouse tables. true / false

Whether or not to create indexes for the data warehouse tables. true / false

Whether or not populate the data warehouse tables. true / false

The location of a script that will be run when initializing the Sakai data warehouse.


The types of reports to generate from the OSP data warehouse.
This property is used in Sakai version(s): 2.4


Controls whether or not the reports tool will force table column names to be entered in uppercase (used for better compatibility between Oracle and MySQL). Set to 0 to leave column names in their existing case set to 1 to force column names into uppercase. true / false


Default = 1. Controls the mode in which reports are generated. 0 is no reports. 1 is the warehouse reports. 2 is live data reports. 3 is both warehouse and live data reports. The default is 1. The default report has a setting of operating on the warehouse.


Default= true. Set this to false to disable caching of xslt templates (good for testing).

OSP Legacy properties dealing with permissions

(pre-2.5; use standard Sakai permissions now)

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