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Sakai Properties Reference


These pages present a list of the known options which can be configured in the file. This information was generated from the data used by the Config Viewer tool. This includes data derived from the sakai_properties.doc file written by John Leasia, hours of research and code review by the author, and contributions from thoughtful individuals throughout the community.

For more information on the Sakai properties file, see the "Additional References" section at the bottom of this document.

This page contains macros or features from a plugin which requires a valid license.

You will need to contact your administrator.

Additional References

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  1. Missing info about the property:

  2. I found that information is missing for the property prefs.research.collab.

    I found information in the doc file of the :

    Installations of Sakai for research & collaboration have no need for "Syllabus" in the User Preferences Notifications tool, and there are likely to be other research-specific customizations as well. This property can be used to hide the Syllabus notifications section of the Preferences tool Nofitication page. By default, the property is false and Syllabus notification preferences are displayed. Set to true to hide the Syllabus notification preference setting. .

    Actually I noted that it also hide the Email Archive tool notification preference. In our case it's does not matter because we are note using that tool. That can be fix pretty easily by moving the </f:subview> in the file noti.jsp.

  3. Missing the xlogin properties:

    xlogin.text=Text to appear