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To download the Sakai CLE 2.8.3 release, you need to check out the code from our Subversion repository:

svn co

Indie projects

A number of Sakai CLE projects (known collectively as "indie" projects) are currently not included in either the source archive or source check out. Instead, these projects are downloaded, installed in your local .m2 repository and then deployed to Tomcat as *.zip overlays during the Maven build process. If you need to apply any local customizations to these projects you must check out the code separately.

Indie project teams manage their own release cycles independently of the general Sakai CLE release cycle, permitting more frequent "off-cycle" maintenance releases for key projects such as the Kernel or Test and Quizzes. This means you can upgrade them in your release more frequently, if you desire.

Each Indie project site includes a variety of reports regarding the release, including Javadocs.




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