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Joining the Community

Whether you are running Sakai at a small scale or large scale, it is important to become an active part of the community. Community engagement expands your portfolio of best practices, it provides a forum for affecting change, and the Sakai community and product both benefit from a broad base of input. This section details a few community resources that are available and may be of help to you in supporting your Sakai installation.

Confluence is the wiki used to document the Sakai product itself as well as the business processes related to the larger community. You can view materials without an account, but if you want to ccomment on , edit, or create your own new content, then you need an account. You can request an account by emailing

JIRA is the bug, requirements, and task tracking system used to manage the efforts of the Sakai community. You can browse JIRA without an account, but if you want to report new issues or comment on existing issues you'll need to create an account.

Key work groups and discussion groups

Please join those you're interested in at the following links. We recommend joining "Sakai-Users" as your first list. You'll find all our lists (as of 2017)  here:!forumsearch/Sakai

Sakai Community members are also very active in the Apereo Teaching & Learning interest group



Archives from the old email lists are at

Sakai Coordinator

To contact the Sakai Community Coordinator email  .

To subscribe or unsubscribe to email groups

Send an email to the relevant email address by adding "+subscribe" or "+unsubscribe" to the email address. For example, sending an email to will subscribe you to the email list.

Google App Institutions

  • If you are part of an institution that uses Google Apps, and your institutional settings do not allow you to post via the web forum, you should be able to send email to the list, just not post via the web. 
  • In some cases, your institutional settings may not allow you to subscribe using the email method nor using the web. In this case, please email the list owner to subscribe using the formula (list)  For example, email and ask to subscribe.


Archives of the old Collab lists are available.

Calendar of Activities

Sakai Calendar - HTML

Sakai Calendar - iCal subscription


If you can't find your  "at" on the Apereo signup page then send an email requesting access for yourself and your institution either to or .

We currently have Slack groups for Sakai developers, Sakai Morpheus (responsive design), Sakai QA and for Apereo we have Tsugi , Release engineering, uPortal, UX . 



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Apereo Conferences

The Apereo conferences are another good source of up-to-the-minute information about current versions of sakai, upcoming releases, and are a great way to build a network of contacts that are dealing with many of the same support issues. For details about the next upcoming conference, visit

Presentations and podcasts from previous conferences are retained for the use of the community.

Documenting your installation

As you move forward in supporting and learning about Sakai, it is important to learn about other administrators and their experiences in supporting Sakai. One way to do this is by registering your installation with the Sakai community.

For more information contact the Sakai Community coordinator.

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