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  • Sakai Admin Guide - Branding and Identity
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Branding and Identity settings

There are a number of configuration options found in the file that control branding and identity. These settings are responsible not only for changing the cosmetic wording that end users see in the web interface, but also for customizing information found in logs and email messages.




The name of the organization associated with this Sakai installation (such as "My University").


The local brand for Sakai within the institution. Among other things, this text is displayed at the root of the bread crumb bar that appears within Sakai.


A unique identifier for the particular server Sakai is running on. This is used to distinguish nodes in a clustered environment from one another.


The full service URL for this installation of Sakai


The server name for this installation of Sakai (this should match the value for serverUrl).


The location in which skins for this site are housed. This can be set to a relative or absolute URL. The default is /library/skin, which includes the default skins bundled with Sakai.


The default skin to use for all sites. This should be the name of a skin directory that exists in the skin home directory.


To further change the look of a Sakai installation, it is possible to "reskin" the installation using a series of style sheets and/or updated graphics, which are typically stored in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/library/skin. For more information about skinning your Sakai installation, visit the "Reskinning Sakai" section of the Sakaipedia. A guide is also available.