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About Sakai

Release Dates

Sakai 12 release dates:

12.0 - released 2018 March 21


About Sakai

Sakai is a collaboration and learning environment that is evolving to be a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE). Sakai is part of the Apereo Foundation [link] suite of open source tools for education.

Sakai is used in many ways, from traditional courses with online components (such as resource management and forum-based discussion) to more advanced online approaches (such as flipped classrooms and fully-online teaching). A special distinction of Sakai over other LMSes is its built-in support for dedicated project work sites, which allows organizations and project teams to coordinate project administration, share resources, schedule activities, develop collaborative work products and track progress towards completion. These project collaboration spaces are widely used by student groups, faculty committees, thesis committees, strategic planning teams, re-accreditation teams and others tasked with important projects beyond the classroom.

Sakai 12 offers significant improvements to the user interface in terms of accessibility and universal design, collaboration, analytics and learning assessment, and interoperability. Development goals for Sakai are to become more nimble, lighter, and more responsive as a product and as a community.

Translations of Release Notes

 Translations of Release Notes

No translations yet - documentation in draft mode.

Sakai 12 - complete list of Jiras (through latest maintenance of Sakai 12)

Sakai 12 System Requirements


Sakai 12 Install Guides

Upgrading from older versions of Sakai

Sakai 12 Readme - essential notes (also under Sakai 12 Install Guides)

Sakai 12 Morpheus (skin) guide


Community Support Statement

With the advent of the Sakai 12 series, official Community support for Sakai 10 ceases. Organizations running Sakai 10, 2.9 and earlier versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the Sakai 12 series in order to take advantage the most robust community support and most current security patches. Sakai 11 is still supported at this time.


The Sakai 12 series is licensed under the Educational Community License version 2.0.

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