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Download Info

For information about downloads please see the release page:


There are two ways to acquire Sakai source code. You can choose to download a packaged *.zip or *tar.gz file from Sakai's release page or check out the code directly from our code repository using Github .

Binary archive
The Sakai Binary is a pre-built version of Sakai without Apache Tomcat, jar dependencies, or extra configuration files. Download the Binary release if you want to just drop the Sakai bundle into a pre-existing Tomcat environment.

Source archive
The Sakai Source includes Sakai portal, tool and service source code. Start from Source if you plan to make any code-level changes to your Sakai system.

Source checkout
Sakai source code can also be forked from our Github repository. The latest development work is located in the master branch, . Stable releases can be found in ? maintenance, experimental and other work are located in branches.

For example, to checkout a stable Sakai 11 release tag use the following steps:

x, y, z

Maintenance branch
The latest bug fixes for a particular release can be found in our maintenance branches. Please note that certain maintenance branch fixes require database schema changes. You can check out the maintenance branch by issuing the following Subversion terminal command:


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