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If you are running Sakai 10.6 this upgrade is of critical importance. Several of the fixes in 10.7 were regressions from 10.6, especially against Assignment and Samigo Test and Quizzes. Also, if your institution is using Oracle, the standard upgrade scripts need to be run, and in addition a few extra lines. 

  • Assignments tool (problems with older assignments after fixes in 10.6)
    • SAK-30233 - Regression after SAK-30087 cleanup on old assignment submissions.
    • SAK-30644 - Problems with assignment submissions that were created prior to 10.6
  • Samigo Test and Quizzes tool
    • SAM-2679 - Matrix question / answers change back to original selection after save/next/previous
    • SAM-2622 - Access denied error when attempting to download all responses, can only download responses individually
    • SAM-2690 - IllegalArgumentException when clicking 'preview' or 'print' while editing a published assessment
  • Portal
    • SAK-30173 - Error page when the URL requested is /portal. You could work around this by just running an older version of tomcat (prior to 7.0.66)
  • Oracle with Lessons - see  SAK-38249 - Lessons tool gets blocked when adding activities limited to certain groups in instances with oracle db Verified  .  See specifics below under Database upgrades.


Summary of Highlights

New Feature

SAK-27809 - Allow for disabling page order feature of page order helper Closed


Known Issues

SAK-36011 - Table of Contents on Chrome prevents scoring and comments Closed

SAK-38135 - Embed youtube video / 404 error Resolved

New Properties

PropertyDefault valueDescriptionJira

true# SAK-27809 Disabling of page order feature on page order helper SAK-27809 - Allow for disabling page order feature of page order helper Closed

+# Replacing From addresses in email
+# Major mail providers are starting to use DMARC, to demand that all mail From addresses from their domain
+# must be signed. Since we can't sign messages for another mail service, this means that email passed through
+# the archiver or generated by Mailtool / Messages will fail the test, and be rejected.
+# By default we now replace From addresses with postmaster@site, and move the original From address to
+# Reply-To. These properties control that behavior.
+# Should we replace the From address? true|false
+# Can also be an email address. If not specified the new from address is postmaster@site.
+# Example:
+# false if you don't want any replacement
+# DEFAULT: true
+# Should we have exceptions for the replacement? Any from address matching this Java regular expression
+# will be retained unmodified. You might want to include addresses within your own institution, since
+# they shouldn't cause any trouble unless your own institution is using DMAEC.
+# Note that mail addresses using your Sakai instance's server name will always be exceptions
+# DEFAULT: missing, no exceptions
+# When replacing the From address, what text should we use. {} will be
+# replaced with the original From address, e.g. John Smith (
+# DEFAULT: {}
+#mail.sendfromsakai.fromtext=On behalf of {}

SAK-39175 - mail from yahoo mail be rejected by Yahoo Closed
mail.sendfromsakai.exceptionsmissing, no exceptionssee above.see above.
mail.sendfromsakai.fromtext{}see above.see above.



# SAK-14210 - Enable tracking of membership changing, a lot more events
# DEFAULT: false
# wsetup.track.membership.change=true

# SAK-23555 - Enabling tracking of roster changing, a lot more events
# DEFAULT: false
# wsetup.track.roster.change=true

SAK-14210 - Post event for each participant add/remove Closed

SAK-23555 - Create new events for roster add and remove Closed

wsetup.track.roster.changefalsesee above.see above.

# SAK-29934 Enable/disable the Forums rank feature
# DEFAULT: true
# msgcntr.forums.ranks.enable=false

SAK-29934 - Add to disable Forums Ranks feature - Phase 1: disabling the Ranks page Verified


Known Issues

Sakai 10 Oracle upgrade scripts. Please use database upgrade scripts from Github. There are no upgrade scripts needed to go from Sakai 10.5 to Sakai 10.6 .


List of Issues Fixed

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