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Summary of Highlights

New Feature

SAK-29517 - Send comments to gradebook from Assignments for internal gb assignments Closed Before this feature request, comments would only go to the Gradebook from Assignments if the Gradebook Item was created by the Assignments tool? After this feature, comments go to the Gradebook from Assignments there were associated with an existing Gradebook Item.

SAK-26182 - Re-word the checkbox options to make group and peer assessment settings clearer Closed

SAK-26180 - Export the submitted time and if the submission was late in the CSV export Closed

SAK-29713 - Assignment submission histories should reflect whether the instructor submitted on behalf of the student Closed

Known Issues

  KNL-1400 - mail from yahoo mail be rejected by Yahoo Closed  - in the near future, this could affect other mail services, like Gmail. We plan to have a 10.7 maintenance release to address this, out by January or February of 2016.

SAM-2661 - Table of Contents on Chrome prevents scoring and comments Closed

New Properties

PropertyDefault valueDescriptionJira


# KNL-1306 - Support to ignore content from certain types and extensions

# If this file extension is in the list, the content from the file will not be used to aide in detection of the type



KNL-1306 - Tika is detecting some file types incorrectly Verified

# If the mime type is in the list returned, it will be redetected without content which may produce a different result

# DEFAULT: none

# content.mimeMagic.ignorecontent.mimetypes=text/html,text/plain



# SAK-27982: Display all signup recurring meetings by default
+# signup.showAllRecurMeetings.default=true
+# Signup CSV export
+# signup.csv.export.enabled=true
+# Signup attendance
+# signup.enableAttendance=false
+# Signup other sites availability
+# signup.otherSitesAvailability=false
SAK-27982 - Add property to set default value for Expand all recurring meetings Resolved

SAK-29934 Enable/disable the Forums rank feature
+# DEFAULT: true
+# msgcntr.forums.ranks.enable=false

SAK-29934 - Add to disable Forums Ranks feature - Phase 1: disabling the Ranks page Verified


# Add support for Universal Google Analytics

# Google analytics is NOT enabled by default, setting these will enable it



SAK-28052 - Add support for Universal Google Analytics Resolved


Known Issues

Sakai 10 Oracle upgrade scripts. Please use database upgrade scripts from Github. There are no upgrade scripts needed to go from Sakai 10.5 to Sakai 10.6 .


List of Issues Fixed

T Key Summary
Sub-task SAM-2681 Tomcat 7.0.65 fails to render JSP with unbalanced bracket in title
Bug SAM-2668 Timer thread submission events can be logged incorrectly
Sub-task SAM-2667 Remove System.out.println introduced in SAM-2495
Bug SAM-2621 Possible null pointers in matrix questions
Bug SAM-2619 Error importing an EMI question with format "Rich text / Attachments" from question pool to assessment
Bug SAM-2617 No way to edit question pool item if item is an image
Bug SAM-2616 Retract date must be disabled when Late submissions are not accepted
Bug SAM-2601 Questions do not copy when copying question pool
Bug SAM-2591 failed to populateItemBean error in Samigo question pools
Bug SAM-2571 Duplicate assessment throws an error when assessment's title is too long
Bug SAM-2567 Stack trace when exporting assessment results which have unanswered calculated questions
Bug SAM-2566 Export Responses button throws a stack trace when the matching item has a distractor option
Bug SAM-2565 "Numeric Response" questions (FIN): validation error
Bug SAM-2564 Calculated Question - Print view answer key meaningless
Bug SAM-2562 Retract date is taken into account to make currently available an assessment although late submissions are not accepted.
Bug SAM-2552 "Late submissions accepted" default should be "No, not after due date"
Bug SAM-2529 Checkmark and Crossmark not showed in answers when question's score is 0
Bug SAM-2495 Instructor is allowed to enter points with too much precision when authoring
Sub-task SAM-2491 Batch fetch on answer feedback to speed up publishing of question pool assessment
Bug SAM-2462 Download assessment in pdf format fails when the question text includes the $ character
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