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Summary of Highlights

  • Sakai 10.2 includes about 70 fixes.
  • Several security fixes.

Known Issues

Sakai 10 Oracle upgrade scripts. Please use database upgrade scripts from trunk for Sakai 10.0 and later.

SAK-27501 - Roster 2 require roster.viewallmembers or roster.viewgroup to work Closed


List of Issues Fixed

T Key Summary
(Deprecated) Contributed Patch SAK-39899 Add support for stripping html tags as well as escape sequences to kernel utils
Feature Request SAK-39553 Create new site.duplicate event names
Bug SAK-38506 System won't start with OSP + Content in File System + 10.1
(Deprecated) Contributed Patch SAK-38292 Settings dialog title is "Edit Title" instead of "Settings"
(Deprecated) Contributed Patch SAK-38291 Preserve customized data when editing link to a resource
Bug SAK-38195 Stack Overflow in Lessons
Bug SAK-38128 copying text with url produced from uploading file with space in it fails
Bug SAK-38111 can't download resources with right click
Bug SAK-38101 content link / tabbed depending on description length
Bug SAK-38026 Update en_GB for lessons tool
Bug SAK-38010 Rounding error blocks students from progressing to next quiz
Bug SAK-37975 Changing the prereqs on a quiz that is released conditionally causes the grades for students who have already taken it to disappear from the T&Q GUI ;; also, duplicate access control groups were being created
Bug SAK-37915 Rubric title prevents saving if apostrophe
Bug SAK-37778 Change Lesson's option "page will appear but user will get an error" label and info message
Bug SAK-37703 Spelling mistakes in
Bug SAK-37619 Quiz created with special character does not display correctly in Lesson
Feature Request SAK-37497 Parametrise the with the "ui.service" name instead of explicitly stating 'Sakai'
(Deprecated) Contributed Patch SAK-37239 Differentiate between adding sub pools and adding questions to a pool
Bug SAK-36856 getSettings can still return null causing Error testing property 'formatByPart' in bean of type null
Bug SAK-36172 Sequence name changed without database modification
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