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  • Sakai 10 Browser Support
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Sakai 10 is designed to work with modern browsers

♦  Fully Supported: (Most current version available as of 10 release June 2014)

  • IE 11

  • Safari 7+

  • Firefox 29+

  • Chrome 35+ 

♦  Partially supported:

  • IE 8,9,10

  • Safari 4-6

  • Firefox 3.5+

♦ Unsupported:

  • IE 7 and earlier

  • Safari 3.2

  • Firefox 3.0




♦♦♦ Fully Supported - Extensive QA (Quality Assurance testing) performed using these browsers. Our developers use these browsers every day and test against them, and our QA team focus their efforts on testing in these browsers. Please file any bugs at

♦♦ Partially Supported - Limited or no QA with these browsers, but expected to work based on browser capabilities. Some features may not work 100%. We encourage you to upgrade your browser as the first step towards resolution.

♦ Unsupported: No QA on this release using these browsers and compatibility issues are anticipated. Any bugs discovered using these browsers will not be fixed.