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  • Converting Favorited Sites to Sakai 11.0
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Sakai 11 changes the way that sites marked as "favorites" are stored
in the database. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of
Sakai, you should run the "ConvertUserFavoriteSitesSakai11" script to
migrate your users' existing favorite sites to the new format.

You can run this script at any time following the upgrade to Sakai 11,
and Sakai does not need to be running for the script to work. If you
are planning an upgrade, a good time to run this is right before
starting Sakai 11 up for the first time.

The time required for the conversion will depend on how many users you
have in your system. As a rule of thumb, you can expect it to take
between 2-5 minutes per hundred thousand users.

To run the script, open a shell and run the following commands:

  cd /path/to/your/tomcat-directory

Then, for Unix systems:

  java -cp "lib/*" -Dtomcat.dir="$PWD" org.sakaiproject.user.util.ConvertUserFavoriteSitesSakai11

Or under Windows:

  java -cp "lib\*" -Dtomcat.dir=%cd% org.sakaiproject.user.util.ConvertUserFavoriteSitesSakai11
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