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Improve CLE WebDAV Support

Sakai CLE offers support for WebDAV, a set of extensions to HTTP, for editing and manipulating content in its Files and Resources tool on remote systems. Using an appropriate WebDAV client, many Sakai users directly mount a site's files and other uploaded content as a volume on their desktops or use it to make bulk file transfers. WebDAV is a heavily used feature of Sakai CLE, but the underlying code is very old.

This project is to rewrite the existing Sakai CLE WebDAV code – based on Tomcat 4 – to use a newer more maintainable WebDAV library.


Student: Manoj
Mentors: Anthony Whyte, Seth Theriault

Master JIRA issue: SAK-20607 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Subversion work branch:

Proposed Technologies

Replacement WebDAV library: Milton

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