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Universities with Dashboard tool in production:

NameSakai VersionDashboard VersionExtensionComments
Columbia University2.8? 

Maneesha Aggarwal is contact. Plan to add Forums and Syllabus Entity types with help from Longsight

University of Lancaster2.8?Yaft, ClogAdrian Fish is the contact person
University of Michigan2.91.2 Chris Kretler and Zhen Qian are the functional and technical contacts.

Currently Supported Tool Entity Types:

  • Announcement
  • Assignment
  • Calendar
  • Resource

Dashboard Source code:


CLOG integration source code:

YAFT integration source code:

Configuration Settings:

The Dashboard configuration is stored in the database in the 'dash_config' table.  List of settings and defaults can be found here: Configuring dashboard.

Road Map: 

Demo Video:

Jasig-Sakai 2012 Conference Presentations:

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