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Call In Information

The Program Committee has a short check-in call most Thursdays at 8 am Pacific time. We try to hold these call to 30 minutes.

  • Dial in #: 734-647-7898
  • Password: 2533

April 13, 2006 Conference Call for Program Commitee


Update on tool for proposal voting (Susan, Aaron)

The voting tool will be available by Tuesday morning (April 18) for each program committee member to vote and ADD THEIR COMMENTS ABOUT each presentation. Program Committee members' comments will be relayed to presenters, so comments on length, focus, audience participation, etc. would be helpful.

Preliminary Comments on Proposals (those received since April 6)

Proposals 73-81 were discussed and Wende will follow up on suggestions.

Comments on need to put tracks up on website

Community members have requested more information on sessions and tracks and the program committee approved posting tracks on the website by April 16. It is hoped that once voting is completed, actual session titles can be put up on the website by April 23.

April 20 Call

The call that would normally be held on April 20 has been cancelled. Mary, Susan, and Wende will be scouting a future conference city and program committee members will be busy voting. Weekly calls will resume April 27.

April 6, 2006 Conference Call for Program Commitee


Update on tool for proposal voting (Susan, Aaron)

The design of the voting tool was presented, including being able to view the audience the proposer anticipated attending, and the "track" information the proposer chose. Susan and Aaron are working hard to load this tool with the database information and will be able to let the committee know on the April 13th conference call when they can vote on proposals.

Preliminary Comments on Proposals (all)

A long discussion was held (almost 4 hours) on each proposal that had been submitted. Several proposals needed clarification. Wende is working on that clarification and will let the committee know via email when clarification is received.

March 30, 2006 Conference Call for Program Commitee


Update on tool for proposal voting (Susan, Aaron)

After doing some great (and major) work on both the registration and call for proposals process, Susan and Aaron are now valiantly tackling the "voting" process that the programm committee will use to rate and comment on presentation proposals for the Vancouver conference. They are creating a process so that each committee member can review each proposal online, streamlining the previous process used for Austin. By next Thursday (our next call), they should be far enough along to demo the "voting" tool.

Update on Hotel in Vancouver (Wende, Mary, Susan)
  1. We just got back from the hotel and it is a great space. The current configuration allows for at least 44 formal BOF sessions in fully equipped rooms, to say nothing of countless informal spaces scattered around the meeting rooms.
  2. One thing not mentioned on the call is that we got good information on setting up a robust wireless network for attendees and have it in the works.
  3. One other thing not mentioned on the call, as of noon on March 30, 143 people have registered for the conference. Joseph has created a great projection of registration totals that compares to past conferences. He will either send it out over email or Wende will post it in confluence and send the link around.
  4. So far, 24 hours before the presentation proposal deadline, we have 29 presentation proposals submitted.
    We have 46 already identified from the last conference that we need to recruit (standards like a technical update from Chuck or a Samigo session in the Tool Overview room).
    The most advantageous set of meeting rooms at the hotel affords us:
  • 96 regular sessions (presentations or Tool Overviews) in addition to
  • 6 to 10 half day or full day sessions we will hold on Tuesday,
  • 3 large general sessions, and
  • 44 official BOF sessions we have equipped rooms for
    This totals 149, which is about 45 more "session" that Austin which saw 104. Wende will send a preliminary chart of rooms with more specifics about sessions proposed and preliminary room assignments.

March 16, 2006 Program Committee Conference Call

In Attendance

Marc Brierly
Ian Dolphin
Kristol Hancock
Susan Hardin
Jim Martino
Uli Rauch
Robert Reynolds
Danna Vessel
Aaron Zeckoski
Matt Zimmerman


  • Aaron is working on registration so that we near a sort of single sign reality. He plans to open registration March 20.
  • Aaron wondered if we should gather info during online registration about what attendees are looking for. It was decided that a text box asking "what you expect from the conference" will be used.
  • The tentative schedule was discussed. We will aim for having session times that don't conflict with one another and mandate breaks and set-up time.
  • Marc suggested that for the tool carousel we put tools must likely to need more time before lunch or at the end of day to accomodate longer q&a.
  • Wende will ask Peter to open up the BOF space in confluence to all so that the community can start organizing BOFs now.
  • Wende will email all Sakai and OSP lists to announce the four day conference, registration, the call for proposals, the BOF space in confluence, the airline discount, the uPortal discount, and to remind to make hotel reservations.

March 9, 2006 Program Committee Conference Call

In Attendance

Luke Fernandez
Kristol Hancock
Mara Hancock
Jim Martino
Mary Miles
Wende Morgaine
Danna Vessel
Stacy Morrone
Aaron Zeckoski



Keynotes were discussed. Mitchell Baker is confirmed. Larry Lessig is unavailable in May. Mara will give update on Steven Weber's availability. Danna suggested two other names (Andy Carvin--Digital Divide,
Ann Margolis--MIT Open Courseware). We also may have invited Stephen Downes. Wende will follow up on that invite with Jutta.

Voting on Proposals

Aaron agrees to create morph of voting requirement interface, including these elements

  • Ways for each program committee member to mark each proposal with a red light, green light, or yellow light, with a comment field for each one vote.
  • Way to change each proposal, such as moving a session to a tool carousel session, or to change the track of the sesssion.
  • Way to track correspondence with session proposers
    Aaron will give a preliminary update on progress with morphing the interface next week.
Communication with Community about Conference

Wende will send an email to all Sakai and OSP lists announcing the opening of registration, that the call for proposals is still open, the dates and times of the conference, and the new discount for airfare:

  • The Northwest World File # that should be used is: WorldFile/Ticket Designator NM97X. Instructions are as follows: Use your assigned WorldFile/Ticket Designator NM97X to purchase your tickets online and your negotiated discount will be applied to available fares. Individuals and Meeting Planners should go to Under the Deals and News column and the Flights tab, click on "NWA Discount Travel E-Cert Redemption" which is located at the bottom. On the Flight Search screen, click Login. Enter your WorldPerks number or Continue to login as Guest. Complete the Flight Search section and navigate to the bottom where you will see 'Do you have an E-Cert Fare, electronic voucher or meeting agreement?'. Select type and then enter the WorldFile number in the Meeting WorldFile Number box and complete your transaction.

February 23, 2006 Program Committee Conference Call


*Update on online proposal review process Susan spoke of on last call
*Registration process
*Publishing list of conference attendees
*Keynote update

Attending Call--Reserving Port
Nate Angell, Jim Martino, Stacy Morrone, Wende Morgaine, Uli Rauch, Robert Reynolds, Lance Speelmon, Aaron Zeckoski, Matt Zimmerman

Not in Attendance
Marc Brierley, Chris Coppola, Ian Dolphin, Luke Fernandez, Kristol Hancock, Mara Hancock, Joseph Hardin, Susan Hardin, Kathy Reister, John Leasia, Mary Miles, Lionel Tolan, Danna Vessell


  • Update on online proposal review process Susan spoke of on last call
  • Registration process
  • Publishing list of conference attendees
  • Keynote update
    Committee agrees that for four days, two keynotes is plenty. They would like to gather the entire community in one room daily--preferrably late in the day.
    ~ Larry Lessig, Creative Commons (Lois Brooks is contacting)
    ~ Mitchell Baker, Mozilla (Mara Hancock is contacting)
    ~ Stephen Downes, National Research Council
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