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  • Program Committee Notes of March 31, 2011
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3-31-2011 Program Committee Meeting


  • Mathieu Plourde
  • Chuck Powell
  • Mary Miles
  • Rob Coyle
  • Debbie Smith
  • Lance Speelmon
  • Doug Johnson
  • Kim Eke
  • Kim Thanos
  • John Lewis
  • Lynn Ward
  • Lucy Appert
  • Jenn Cummings


Call for Proposals

  • 36 submissions so far
  • Everyone knows folks who want to submit but have not done so.
    • There are at least three proposals, perhaps 4, coming from Florida – actually, 1 is already on the list; so 2-3 new proposals – & 2 at least from UNC – I contacted Duke and Wake Forest to see if they're attending and will present. – JHU has one or two more as well There are a minimum of 20 outstanding OAE proposals.
  • Solicit people personally, remind them that the deadline is Sunday.
  • Reminder tomorrow, Kim to send it
  • We have historically solicited 25% of the proposals
  • Kim to prepare a list of topics/people to contact directly re: proposals, let's volunteer to split the load
  • Send colleagues an example
  • Lucy has a list of OAE potential proposals, she'll hunt them down!!!
  • Opencast sessions?
  • John Lewis to follow-up on Jasig sessions
  • Kuali update
  • Jasig/Sakai panel (Jenn to copy from Jasig conf)
  • Jenn will put a placeholder into the CFP system for Board Q&A session


  • Hackathon standing room (x2? CLE and OAE?) This is a good idea but can we try to put the two rooms close to each other so people can move back and forth? The OAE dev leads really wanted people to be able to work in both rooms easily so that this arrangement doesn't reinforce a sense of a divison between CLE and OAE. - Lance will stay in the hallway with his hybrid stuff (wink)
  • Other rooms for similar purposes? – Room for video recordings?
  • Board meetings

    Update on social media/video

  • 5 opencast agents + staff
  • Streaming: need to define which featured sessions we'll stream
  • Social media: events created, make some noise
  • Citizen Journalism to organize (Kim E. happy to help with this) <-- Yay!
    • Video
    • SM
    • Pics

      Session review

  • Lance: look for sessions that have no Sakai tie
    • Commercial affiliates should try to co-present with clients, or use the tech demo instead to promote their products
  • Scoring 1-5
  • Comments
  • Don't use the thumbs up/down for now
  • Jenn has send username and passwords
  • Split up the sessions to be reviewed, assign track leads?
  • There was a lot of track changing happening
  • Kim to assess status of proposals on Monday and suggest steps forward (helped by Lance)


    Debbie to send the timeline again.


  • Sessions have been submitted
  • We need it in the registration system
  • Kim will assemble and provide to Jenn
    • Newcomers
    • Developers


Lance Speelmon: I am planning on it

13:12 Kim Eke: delay the panicking --it key to life

13:12 Rob Coyle: lol...thanks, Kim.

13:21 Lance Speelmon: yes +1

13:25 Debbie: Kim--Do you want to talk about pre-conference Workshops?

13:31 Rob Coyle: it did seem pretty straight forward to me

13:31 Lucy: I need to peel off to head to a 2 pm meeting across town.

13:35 Rob Coyle: 2hrs sounds about right from what I can remember

13:45 Rob Coyle: I've been tweeting some people too (smile)

13:45 Kim Eke: ha! (wink) Thanks, all – I've got to run to a mtg

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