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Notes from Program Committee call of 2/17/2011

2011 Program Committee Call

February 17, 2011 -- 1:00 p.m. Eastern time

Dial-in Information:  605-715-4900, password 829335#

Participants: (Please indicate your affiliation)

* Mary Miles

* Mathieu Plourde (U. of Delaware)

* Chuck Powell

* Kate Ellis, Indiana Universtiy Bloomington

* Michelle Ziegmann (UC Berkeley)

* Brian Dashew

* Ian Dolphin

* Rob Coyle

* Doug Johnson (U Florida)

* Lance Speelmon (Indiana U)

* Debbie Smith

* Lynn Ward

* Kim Thanos

* Trent Batson, aaeebl



0. Intro

Ian spoke briefly about the location choice as well as the sizing of the conference committee and technical augmentation

Ian: Berlin would have been a financial drag

Mathieu and Lance will manage the tech aspects

Suggestions and help are welcome for the submission process

1. Conference theme/themes

From Kim's word document:

Potential Themes

Sakai 2011: Open Opportunities

- Open content, open learning, open source

-- The ROI of open?

Sakai 2011: The Third Decade (of the LMS)

- Institutional innovation, then pooling of resources, what's next?

Spark. Wildfire.

"Deliver us from proprietary" ;-)

"Open source, Open teaching, Open future"

JASIG, Opencast hooks

Keynote possibilities:

- David Wiley

- Cable Green

- Richard Beraniuk

- Gerry Hanley, leader of Merlot and CTO of Cal State System

- Martin Dougiamas (Moodle in chief)

Ira Fuchs

Cliff Lynch

Dan Greenstein

Joel Thierstein (Connexions, soon to be Dept of Ed)

2. Tracks and track descriptions

Previous Track list

1.  Building Sakai

2.  Deploying Sakai

3.  Using Sakai

4.  Multiple Audiences

5.  Portfolio

6.  Sakai Showcase

At points in the past we have had a pre-conference learning session is there room in our schedule for that?

Proposed tracks: (6 rooms for tracks, 3 other smaller ones)

- Getting Started

- Teaching, Learning, Research, and Administration

- Design and Development

- Expanded solutions

- Technical Management

- Leadership and future directions

- Portfolios?

Chuck's idiosyncratic scheme:

  • Technical Track
  • New and General Interest Track
  • New-comers and Deploying Sakai
  • Teaching, Learning, Research and Portfolios
  • Supporting Sakai
  • Other open initiatives (Opencast JASIG, Mobile, etc.)

Mobile initiatives


Use tags?

- Keep some tracks open to create them on the fly?

- Tag the audiences instead?

Request for information: build sessions around that.

Mary: Usually have a hard time getting enough proposal in time.

Debbie: If we have a printed program, we need some time for that.

- Kindle program? epub?

- Would be nice if someone would build us a little iPad/Android app for the agenda 

3. Timetable. (Meeting scheduling, timetable for the call for proposals)

- Theme and call for proposal within a week

- Call for proposal opens/ends

- Bi-weekly calls

-- 3 next calls: Thursday Feb 24, March 3, March 17

4. Logo

 Sakai? Dude!


  --____--      (these are the waves)


If we can't figure it out soon, let's use the plain Sakai logo.

Ian suggested that we use the "plain" Sakai logo (with some LA bits) - it will be the last conference before Sakai/jasig merger.

5. Web Presence

- Logistics (Internal)

-- Confluence space

- Promotion (External)

6. Sponsorship

Notes from Chat:

Lucy: I am having trouble getting into the call

13:04 Brian Dashew: Hi Lucy--are you hitting # after the access code?

13:19 Chuck Powell: How about Open Opportunity -- Endless Possibility?

13:20 Kim: I really like that, Chuck.

13:29 Chuck Powell: Mary do we have any attendance data on what tracks have been most or least attended?

13:31 Kate Ellis: Where would migration from an old system to Sakai?

13:31 Kate Ellis: which track?

13:32 Kim: Getting started

13:32 Kim: I see Getting Started being lots of evaluation, migration, training, communication content.

13:36 unnamed: idea Keyote: Gerry Hanley, leader of Merlot and CTO of Cal State System

13:36 Michelle Ziegmann: I have to ask about Opencast-focused presentations, will there be a place for presentations about Opencast that might not involve sakai integration?

13:37 trent: sorry, that was me trent mentioning Gerry Hanley

13:38 Michelle Ziegmann: possibly design and dev too, we hope

13:39 Michelle Ziegmann: jasig did a nice job in their invitation, open to other open source projects

13:43 Michelle Ziegmann: as someone new to this conference, the proposed tracks are very intuitively named to me

13:44 Kim: Good feedback, Rob. Thanks.

13:52 Michelle Ziegmann: It'd be great if it was all open

13:55 Chuck Powell: I'd love to specifically make sure that we have at least a few panel discussions since personally I find them hugely valuable.

14:01 Kate Ellis: OK

14:01 Rob Coyle: +1

14:05 Kate Ellis: Got to go.

14:05 Mathieu Plourde: bye kate

14:06 Bruce Sandhorst: Bye

14:07 Mathieu Plourde: +1 to push sponsorship to next week

14:08 Mathieu Plourde: Yay, see y'all!

14:08 Michelle Ziegmann: bye everyone, thanks!


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