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2011 Program Committee Meeting
April 7, 2011
* Mathieu
* Lynn
* Ian
* Mary
* Rob Coyle   
* Kate
* John Lewis
* Lucy Appert
* Chuck
* Jenn
* Kim Thanos
* Doug
* Lance Speelmon
* Debbie
Proposal review process
* Everyone is in the system and has access
* 170 something sessions
* Lots of good sessions
* Identify chairs for each track
* Volunteers and Chairs?
** Pre-conference, tech demos: Kim Thanos (Chair)
** Teaching, Learning, Portfolios (48): Rob (Chair) :), Kate, Lucy
** Expanded solutions (35): Mathieu (Chair)
** Software design and development (52): Lance (Chair) John (I'm Lance's friend...) :o)
** Support and Training (22): Lynn (Chair), Doug
** Leadership and Future Directions (30): Ian (+ asking Chuck), [I'll be glad to help here, if needed]
Send Jenn an email to add reviewers
Timetable: Review should be done within the next 2 weeks
* Tell people their are accepted before we slot them, especially for people who need visas
Identify 1-3 sessions that would draw interest (featured sessions) for marketing purposes
* 1- Sessions that we want to accept as-is
* 2- Combine sessions together
* 3- Define blocks of two 30-min sessions
How many blocks?
* 5 tracks
* 6 rooms per hour (for overflow)
* Another room devoted to BoFs
** Hackathon room (10 seats x2 - OAE and CLE) -- if possible, these should be near each other so participants can move back and forth between them.
** Video/SM HQ
** Tech demos (foyer space)
*** No projector or screens provided
*** Ask nearby schools if they have some to spare (Pepperdine)
*** Frame it as a poster session instead?
*** Need headquarters for citizen journalism materials; maybe a quiet space for doing recordings.
Keynote not set yet
Target date: in two weeks (4/21)
Registration tallies
* 24 people
* Reinforce the fact that registration is open
Sponsorship Update
* Letter has gone out
** Two gold
** Few other individual 
** Currently at $35K
Update on social media and conference technology
* Meeting held on 4-1
** Minutes:
** Mathieu created the sakaicon account:
*** For updates during the conference using a Twitter scheduler.
** Citizen journalism initiative, driven by Kim Eke
Call next week to address review issues (10:00 a.m. PDT, 1:00 p.m. EDT)
(Minutes will be copied to )

April 7, 2011

13:16 Kate Ellis: I nominate Lynn for Lead.
13:19 Kate Ellis: What time does the conference end on Thursday?
13:19 Lynn: no idea
13:19 Lynn: also, not sure I have time to be the lead
13:19 Lynn: just swamped
13:19 Kim: 3? 3:30? I feel like I should be able to answer that for sure.
13:20 Ian Dolphin: Aim to end conference around 3.30, thursday?
13:20 Rob Coyle: That sounds about right to me
13:20 Kate Ellis: Hi Kim--I'm looking at flights out on Thursday, so would be good to know soon.
13:21 Kim: I think we get to make that call. Let's say 3pm
13:21 Kate Ellis: Thanks Kim.
13:32 Kim: Thanks, Rob!
13:32 Rob Coyle: JHU is sending 5-6, registering tomorrow, or so they tell me
13:33 Rob Coyle: does that include the TWSIA sponsorship?
13:34 Kim Eke: Peeking in -- in between meetings -- assign me things as needed. :)
13:34 Kim: Woo hoo! Kim Eke offered to keynote.
13:34 Ian Dolphin: nope, rob, thats in addition to twsia
13:34 Rob Coyle: thanks, Ian.
13:35 Rob Coyle: +1 for Kim Eke :)
13:41 Lucy: Rob and Kate, should we coordinate by email?
13:41 Kate Ellis: email is good
13:41 Lucy: I'm
13:42 Kate Ellis: Kate =

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