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  • Program Committee Minutes of March 3 2011
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Sakai Program Committee Call

March 3, 2011


* Lance Speelmon IU/SakaiF

* Brian Dashew (Marist) 

* Mathieu Plourde (Delaware)

* Kate Ellis, Indiana University Bloomington

* Mary Miles

* Doug Johnson (Florida)

* Ian Dolphin (SF)

* Rob Coyle, Johns Hopkins

* Michelle Ziegmann

* Jenn Cummings

* Debbie Smith

* John Lewis

* Kim Thanos



1. Amplifying the Conference with Technology - Mathieu P

(nice short article at )

Started a Confluence page to report back on what we discussed:

- Michelle: Opencast has been working with JASIG

-- Material provided by U. of Sask., U. of Nebraska

-- Only using HD cameras

-- All managed by Matterhorn 

-- 3 or 4 volunteers that will rotate during the conference

Michelle Ziegmann: I'm really liking this platform as a potential conference space

Mathieu, Michelle, Jenn C. and Ian to discuss this topic outside of this call

Volunteers to assist with local projects, social media, video?

* List'em here!!!

* Rob Coyle will help with TWSIA videos and related

There is value in professionally-produced and crowdsourced ones.

- Professional: longer shelf-life

- Amateur: Anything, viral, Youtube-like

2. Timeline, Request for Proposals - Kim

The system supports adding keywords, but not publishing them in program (maybe next year), we could export and analyze

Kim; request for info goes out soon--first meesage to community, think about your proposal, and think about what you'd like to hear about

Call for proposals out as soon as possible

Committee could be active participants in blog--seed it with our ideas and requests.

3. Keynotes - Ian

Keynote panel 

* Changes in higher education in this economy?

* University of California system, budget issue?

"No matter how left field, let Ian know" (is this a cricket or a baseball metaphor?)

4. AOB

Debbie: Tech demos have to be added to session types


Chat capture:

 Michelle Ziegmann: I can talk about our plan to use Opencast to record sessions at the Jasig conference

13:18 Michelle Ziegmann: I'm really liking this platform as a potential conference space

13:20 Michelle Ziegmann: I'd be happy to help, have done a lot of Drupal work

13:21 Ian Dolphin: Cool - I'm sure our web person would appreciate that, I'll pass that on

13:24 Rob Coyle: Going a great job, Kim :)

13:25 Ian Dolphin: ditto that!

13:25 Mathieu Plourde: Great idea! Like a trouble ticketing system, you pick one up and "close"it

13:28 Rob Coyle: The Distance Ed group was planning on sending out a separate call encouraging submissions

13:29 Rob Coyle: ...right, Kate?

13:29 Kate Ellis: still planning on it.

13:29 Kate Ellis: it's time, isn't it :-)

13:30 Rob Coyle: let's chat/email offline and catch up on activities

13:35 Michelle Ziegmann: I can see if Mara Hancock has any suggestions

13:37 Kim: So pleased that Mathieu captured the left field quote