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  • Hang On, It Gets Better! Effective Early Course Strategies in eLearning
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Lorie Stolarchuk, University of Windsor,


June 15, 2011


1:15 pm - 2:15 pm


San Gabriel C


You've spent months preparing an online course only to find early on, participants are withdrawing or complaining! Experience some effective eLearning early course retention techniques used in the "Online Education" hybrid course offered for instructors at the University of Windsor. Topics include: pre-course surveys, a quiz, a CLEW(Sakai) scavenger hunt and a group-work Wiki exercise. Please bring your laptop to the session.

Scavenger Hunt


This link is to a copy of the "Scavenger Hunt" document that was set up using the "Lessons" (Melete)  tool.  Within the Scavenger Hunt, students of the class were directed to use various tools that would be used in throughout course.   Lesson Zero is the module that begins with the Scavenger Hunt and links to various "How To" documents for each of the tools, in case they were not aware of how to use the tool to accomplish the task in the Scavenger Hunt.  Also, video links were embedded into the module to cover such tasks as "Difficulty Logging In?" or "Accessing Course Material" or "Contacting Course Instructor".

Session Handout

This document will be used during the session and contains the session scavenger hunt, sample quiz, survey, wiki exercise and references to the research where some of the strategies implemented were adapted from.


Session Slides

Clickers were used at this session, to collect the participants responses to various questions, including a couple on demographics of the attendees.  The statistics shown in the charts on the slides are of those who attended.



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