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Citizen journalism epitomizes the belief that the experiences of people personally involved with an issue present a different -- and often more complete -- picture of events than can be derived from the perspective of an outsider.  Congratulations! You are invited to generate news, discussion, resources, and commentary about Sakai 2011 conference events. Not only are you providing a valuable community service to those unable to attend, but you will also have fun, meet interesting people, and gain more from the conference in doing so!

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Dining and Things To Do
Conference Toolkit <-- Time to geek out!
Citizen Journalism <-- Join us!

The Sakai North American Conference 2011 will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June, at the Westin Bonaventure*, Los Angeles. Pre-conference sessions will be held on June 13th.

How to get started

  1. Make it your own
    Consider the many ways you can (and prefer to) contribute and choose those that suit you.
    1. Twitter (#sakai11)
    2. Blogging
    3. Vlogging & videos
    4. Photos - tagged, captioned, etc.
    5. Session minutes - posted to the conference wiki
  2. Do a little planning
    Review the conference schedule
    1. Identify the events of interest to you & your institution
    2. Plan in advance how you will capture and share info on that topic
    3. Pack your bags. Is media involved? Have batteries? Mini-tripods?
  3. Sign up below!
    Let's see what topics we are already planning to cover and how.
    1. We can use Netvibes to collect all of the blogs, tweets, videos, etc. that are published if we have URLs, tags, etc. (in development)
    2. All contributions are warmly welcomed! A single blog post or video can have a big impact.

Documenting the Conference



Topics of interest - those you would like to cover and/or
learn more about at the conference.      

How will you share/publish info?
(post your blog address, flickr acct, etc.)

Need any help such as equipment or people?

Kim Eke

UNC-Chapel Hill

Sakai 2.x roadmap, accessibility, OAE, success stories, migration, opencast, tech demos
twitter (kimeke)
video interviews posted to YouTube
delicious tags/sites
evernotes posted to session wiki pages

If someone wants to help me round up interviewees, I'd appreciate it!

Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware

OER, e-textbooks, social media integration with Sakai

Pics, videos, Tweets, blog posts, name it (wink)


Reba-Anna Lee

Marist College

OAE, OER, newbies, migration stories,

Pics, video, Tweets

I will interview anyone if needed.

Amber D. (Evans) Marcu

Virginia Tech

Migration, Training/Support, Change Mgmt/Org. Mgmt., Social Media & Sakai, Technology Demos, anything really.

Blog: [
] Twitter: AmsDiane4Tech
Facebook: [

I will happily interview folks or contact folks to arrange for interviews!

Rob Coyle

Johns Hopkins

Teaching & Learning, TWSIA

Twitter: @robcoyle


Nicola Monat-Jacobs

The Longsight Group

Sakai OAE, Evaluation System, Hybrid Mode, Dev

Twitter: @nicolamj


Roger Henry

Indiana University

Learning Technologies Consultant

Twitter: @rogerjhenry
video interviews (Qik or Youtube), pics


Nathan Finley

University of the Pacific

Social Media integration with Sakai, Streaming Video, Training, Support

Twitter: @natefinley
Pics, videos, tweets, back channel chat


Jennifer Staley

American Public University System (APUS)

Kaltura & Video integration, migration/transition, training & development, social media integration w/Sakai, innovative uses of Sakai, tech demos

Twitter: @jennystaley

I'll interview/chat with anyone that would like to share. I will also be trying my hand at creating short podcasts to share on our AMU Radio station.

Robert Long

Saginaw Valley State University

Sakai 2.x Development, OAE, technical side of Sakai, social interactions outside of the scheduled sessions

Twitter: @relong

Nah, I'm Mr. Independent!

Nate Angell



Twitter: @xolotl
Facebook: I prefer not to


Steve Swinsburg

The Australian National University

Sakai 2.x development and future, innovative uses of Sakai, social media, integrations, low level hacking, tech demos

Twitter: @steveswinsburg 












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