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  • 2011-06-16 Analytics
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Extended Collaboration Session: Analytics


Steven Lonn, University of Michigan
Madan Dorairaj, New York University
Joshua Baron, Marist College
Marleen McDaniel, Onsophic


Nate Angell, rSmart


16 June 2011


8:30 AM - 10:45 AM


San Francisco


  1. Presentations
    1. Introduction to Analytics & Michigan's Analytics project with Sakai CLE - Steve Lonn
    2. NYU & Pentaho in Sakai OAE - Madan Dorairaj
    3. Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAAI) - Joshua Baron
    4. Onsophic analytics and integration with Sakai CLE (?) - Marleen McDaniel
  2. Questions / Comments about Analytics & Sakai - Panel


This combined session brings together several presentations on analytics and Sakai, and was built from two original presentation proposals (described below).

Academic Analytics is a hot topic in Higher Education. Institutions are seeking to use analytics to understand student success and academic performance, maximize retention. Increasingly, regulatory and accreditation bodies require this information to help measure effectiveness. This block session will report on a number of analytics initiatives within the Sakai Community, and higher education generally. Opportunities will be provided to interact with individual presenters, and to synthesize information available across the session.

Learn about current pathways to access and make use of learning analytics in Sakai to support activities such as learner success, curriculum/program evaluation, and technology and user support management. Participants will learn about learning analytics in relation to Sakai's native Site Statistics tool for both individual course/site and enterprise reporting, a collaboration led by Marist College to expose Sakai learning analytics to external open-source and proprietary platforms for student success and academic early warning/intervention, a collaboration led by CARET at the University of Cambridge to bring together Sakai activity and attention data to create useful and informative technology management reporting including powerful visualizations, and Onsophic, a new platform that can connect to Sakai to enable learning analytics to drive continuous improvement and learning outcomes.

Discussion Questions

  • Who are our audiences for Analytics?
    • Does the presentation of data change for each audience?
  • What kind of infrastructure / technology steps are needed for Sakai OAE? for Sakai CLE? 
    • (is this 2 separate groups?)
  • Ethical / privacy concerns and issues

Follow-Up Notes

There will be a Discussion Group formed around the topic of Analytics following the conference. A link to that group page will be also be available here, when posted.

Suggested Readings: