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  • 2011-06-15 Wikis - More Than Text and Context
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Wikis: More Than Text and Context




Karen Swenson, Virginia Tech,
Amber D. Evans-Marcu, Virginia Tech,
M. Aaron Bond, Virginia Tech,




3:45 PM - 4:45 PM


San Gabriel B


Dr. Karen Swenson, a 2010 Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award finalist, uses the Sakai wiki with her students to "think about important issues presented through works of speculative fiction," but has found there is even more to her students than the wiki reveals. Although the course goals include collaborative work to "reconsider traditional concepts of 'author' and 'self,' working together to build a better world, encourage a sense of community, and become aware of others contributions" her recent collected data provides insight as to "who" are these students in her Sakai Wiki community. Come to this session to see the paradigms that underlie the structure of the course, what the students do with the Wiki in class and after the semester ends, and who these students are (including demographics, previous wiki contributions, and perceptions of self, information technology, and active involvement in their learning process).

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