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  • 2011-06-15 Think Globally, Act Locally
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Title: Think Globally, Act Locally: Institutional User Needs Analysis and the Sakai OAE Managed Project




Lucy Appert, New York University,
Greg Hardham, Charles Sturt University,
Rachel Hollowgrass, University of California at Berkeley,
Jeff Pasch, New York University,
Robert Squillace, New York University,
Philip Uys, Charles Sturt University,

Wednesday 6/15/2011




Beaudry B



Think Globally, Act Locally

Presenters from Berkeley, NYU, and Charles Sturt University will discuss the strategies the Sakai OAE managed project and its member institutions have developed for sharing user input from individual schools and programs with the managed project teams that lead development on Sakai OAE. Among the topics they will address are the challenges of balancing special institutional with general community needs in providing feedback on managed project designs; meeting local user needs within the confines of managed project design decisions when developing a local instantiation of OAE; the challenges, advantages, and practicalities of building an academic/IT collaboration on User Needs analysis; and methods to engage with users by means of standing student organizations and close observation of staff in their settings. More generally, the presentation will address the question of the right parties to involve in User Needs discussion and the best ways to involve them.


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