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  • 2011-06-15 Sakai and uPortal 4
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Sakai and uPortal 4




Jennifer Bourey, Unicon,
Steve Swinsburg, The Australian National University,


15th June 2011


11:00am - 12:00pm


Beaudry A


This presentation will demonstrate recent work to render Sakai tools in uPortal. Sakai now has IMS Basic LTI producer capabilities, and this allows us to connect external systems with Sakai and essentially 'pull the tools out of Sakai' into any other system.

Next, we will look at the second phase of this work, a generic Basic LTI portlet for uPortal, which allows tools and services from many other LMS/VLE's and applications to be easily integrated inside uPortal.

Finally, we will see Jasig uPortal's new 4.0 release in action. We'll cover new features including:

  • JSR-286 support
  • New AJAX user customization interface
  • Administrative tool updates
  • Internationalization improvements


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