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  • 2011-06-14 User Needs and Project Plans for Library-Managed Media Assets
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Jon W. Dunn, Indiana University,
Mark Notess, Indiana University,


Tuesday, June 14


2:30-3:30 PM


Beaudry B


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Over the past year, Indiana University, Northwestern University and about ten other institutions have planned a new open source system to manage and deliver library-managed video and audio assets. Because such assets are important to teaching and learning activities, and because some participants are Sakai adopters, this session will inform the community of progress, including user needs assessment, and solicit input and involvement. The grant proposal submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library Services will be described.

The project will leverage other collaborative efforts within higher education. Opencast Matterhorn is the likely basis for the media-processing pipeline and the choice of the Hydra architecture will let the system take advantage of Blacklight discovery, the Fedora repository, and the Hydrangea for metadata editing.

The session will combine presentation and discussion, and should enable attendees to gauge their own interest. No prior knowledge required.


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