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  • 2011-06-14 Sakai Student Engagement
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Title: Sakai Student Engagement




Bernadette Geuy, University of California at Berkeley,
Rachel Hollowgrass, University of California at Berkeley,


Tuesday, June 14, 2011




San Gabriel A


Sakai Student Engagement

Most students who enter undergraduate school in 2011 were in elementary school when Facebook was launched. For Generation F, online collaboration is less an exotic activity than a rite of passage to youth and adulthood. Collaboration and participation are at their cultural core.

These same students are digital natives. If they have a need, they or their friends know how to build web pages and applications. In contrast, many Sakai project members encountered online collaboration and social networking as adults. We have much to learn from the students around us.

Because of their experience, skills and agency, Berkeley has engaged students in multiple capacities as we design, implement, configure and augment Sakai OAE. Students assist us as advisors, observed users and team members.

To hear about the successes and challenges we've encountered, please attend our presentation. We hope to have students in attendance. We will allow time for group discussion.


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