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  • 2011-06-14 Introduction to Sakai for Faculty
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Hong Kha, Pepperdine University

June 14, 2011


9:45-10:45 am


Santa Barbara A



Are you a professor and new to Sakai? The purpose of our presentation is to give potential users an overview of the learning management system and then share how faculty have used Sakai at Pepperdine University to enhance student learning. For those who are unfamiliar with Sakai's interface, we will begin with a basic overview of the learning environment and simple tips on how faculty can easily adopt Sakai. We will discuss student and faculty responses to the platform, next steps for beginners, and ways to make learning possible through methods that extend beyond the walls of a traditional classroom.

Consider hosting your slides and documents on Slideshare, and your videos on YouTube or Vimeo. Tag with "sakai11". You can then embed those object here using the {html} macro.


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