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  • 2011-06-13 Getting Started with Sakai Evaluating and Migrating
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Getting Started with Sakai: Evaluating and Migrating


Pre-Conference Workshop


Kim Thanos, Sakai Foundation,
Nate Angell, rSmart,
Trish Harris, rSmart,

13 June 2011


8:30am–12:00pm PT


San Gabriel B/C



This workshop will share research, resources and best practices that institutions around the community have used to evaluate Sakai. Participants will complete an evaluation plan populated with resources and best practices, including effective pilot practices and results. Then participants will complete a ?migration assessment? with rSmart consultants who have supported institutions transitioning from Angel, Blackboard, eCollege, and WebCT. Community members will share best practices and lessons learned in the migration process.

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