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  • 2011-03-09 Video Recording Meeting
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Opencast Matterhorn and the Sakai LA Conference


Ian Dolphin, Mathieu Plourde, Jenn Cummings, Michelle Ziegmann.


General notes:

  • We will not record everything
  • Getting the most out of the conference
  • Shipping costs (extra suitcase)
  • Social engineering for wireless connectivity?
  • Debbie is about to do a site visit
    • Check for access points
  • Find out what the language was at the ELI conference about the use of the wireless

Hardware requirements

  • Capture agent 3X (U. of Sask) - Others could bring agents as well
    • Establish how many breakout rooms we have, how many tracks (5 or 6)?
  • We have to provide the camera
    • High-end - Maned OR
    • HD Webcams with wide angle (Ja-Sig plans on buying or renting)
    • Microphones (snowball mic) - See what's recommended
  • Better if they are hardwired for fast processing?
  • Can be connected later

Software requirements

  • Server at U. Nebraska, scheduled from there
    • Will take the recording and process it.

Staffing requirements

  • Config is key, probably better to leave it in one room
  • 3 people to set things up, shifts to make sure everything works
  • Mathieu can help as well

Post-Editing and Publication

  • Matterhorn processing, publishing
    • Decide on hosting
    • Overlap between Sakai and Opencast schools?

Live Streaming

  • Decide what needs to be streamed
    • Wired connections for the computers that are streamed