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Matt Clare - Brock University
Matt Clare is an Educational Tech. Support Specialist at Brock University, a Canadian university that recently transitioned from WebCT CE 6 to Sakai.

Feel free to contact Matt Clare via (spam protection) or source his E-Mail from his presentation or contact him via twitter @mattclare

Using a tool like a wiki, or similar web-based tool, to document your sakai system and provide support information allows the biggest, if not the deepest, pool of information about your sakai system to contribute: the users. It also allows experts to spread the word quickly, without gatekeepers. The constantly evolving nature of these tools and the scarce resources of the support centres create a need to be responsive and incentive to seek the help of others. Websites like and are fast to respond, quick to refine and are rarely irrelevant or insufficient for the task. The two major factors to their success are a concerned community and the ease of updating their sites. Attendees of this sessions will learn how they can achieve that level of success by addressing these factors at their institution.


The subject of this presentation is Brock University's Isaak/Sakai wiki located at:

This presentation is based on a blog posting which includes the a Google docs version of the slides:

Anyone more adept with the confluence wiki (the irony) is welcome to copy the content of the blog posting and slides to this page - Thanks. -- .\.\att