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Sakai Community Documentation

Short Intro: At each institution, we spend hours and hours creating documentation. Many of these steps are the same, creating duplication of effort across the world. Can we work together as a community to develop, maintain, and share documentation for Sakai?

Sign up!

  • Please sign-up to express your interest in the project.
  • We will then contact everyone and set up a phone or Web conference to continue the momentum.

From Previous Conferences

From TitanPad

Sakai Documentation Space on Confluence:

Main issues preventing us from sharing:

  • Branding
  • Screenshots
  • Tone of the content (directive vs. suggestive)
  • Internationalization
  • Quality control

Potential Solutions:

  • Separation of pedagogy and how-to documentation
  • Record faculty practices (peer to peer instruction)
  • Showcase site
  • Rating system, comments
  • Standards
  • Volunteers
  • Make sure all your documentation uses a creative commons license that allows others to reuse, remix. How do we get folks to note the creative commons licensing?
  • Quality Control - put it on cnxns or creative commons to see how many downloads & get wiki-like feedback to assist with quality control
  • Metadata to mark-up and make documentation easy to find.
  • The branding issue - Someone mentioned a tool (question) to replace images or make content independent of branding images in workflow-based documentation. That would be great. Non branded documentation or zoomed in on non-branded elements.

Other notes:

  • Faculty want workflow-based documentation, not tool specific - I'd say not just faculty, but most of the community would be interested in workflow-based doc. Thinking project sites.
  • Looking for stuff you can use as is, looking at videos and ides, looking for documentation I can modify
  • The blue question mark button is always ignored, use that real estate.
  • We wouldn't need to document as much if the system becomes more intuitive. We have a role in pushing suggestions to Sakai design teams. - Use FAQs for those suggestions.
  • Quality vs. coverage: We're better off having 1,000 poor quality videos that cover everything than 10 highly produced that only does one part.
  • (Main page that has info on signing up for an account. NOTE: this link should be added to the main Dashboard page in the getting started area – to cross-link and help newcomers who may land on this page.)
  •!default.jspa to create Jira/Confluence account.

Next steps

  • Editorial -
    • Alan Regan alan DOT regan AT
  • Standards -
    • Alan Regan
  • Project Management -
    • Narasi Ramachandran (
  • Development -
    • Narasi Ramachandran (

Please add your name, contact info to areas that will interest you.

  • Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware,
  • Alan Regan, Pepperdine University