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Information for presenters

Thanks very much for presenting at the 2010 Sakai Conference.  The community gathering is valuable because of our ability to share ideas, learn, and work with each other in this setting; your presentations make the conference worthwhile for attendees.

1. Logistics

  • The conference schedule is available at ; Please check it for final room assignments and times.  
  • Note that there will not be session conveners this year, so you will introduce yourself at the start of your session, and make sure someone is managing the video streaming computer.  Please bring a colleague with you to manage the streaming computer, or ask for a volunteer before starting or your presentation will not get streamed or recorded properly (see point 6). (Exception: the keynote speakers and winners of the Sakai Teaching with Innovation Awards will be formally introduced, and their sessions professionally recorded).
  • It's a good idea to have a colleague with you to keep track of time, or to run out for assistance if there is a problem with the equipment in your room.
  • Projectors are provided by the hotel, and you should plan to present from your own computer. Please double check that you have a video adapter with you, especially if you use a Mac.
  • If you need speakers because you intend to play audio files or videos, please bring them with you.  We will not have speakers in the room.

2. How to get help

Staff will be at the registration desk during the conference and will be able to quickly arrange for technical or logistical assistance.  Or, you can call Mary Miles at (USA number) 1- 734-637-8852

3. Presentation template

The conference presentation template is available at

4. Session evaluations

We're going as green as possible at this conference, so all surveys will be digital.  Please end your presentation with the survey url:  and ask attendees to take a moment to complete the survey.

5. Session recording

We've arranged for professional recording for just a few sessions: the keynote presentations, and the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Awards presentations.   However, we would like to capture as many sessions as possible.  Please see the next section, Citizen Journalism.

6. Citizen journalism (recording and live casting your session)

We strongly encourage you to record and share your presentations.  There are several ways in which you might do this, and the best method depends on your topic and how the session is conducted. 

  1. Screencasts: Spearheaded by Lance Speelmon, to be done mostly before the conference
    1. You will record yourself talking while you walk through your slides or live demo.  This would be done before or after your session, not during the session. This method is particularly effective if you are presenting a tool or piece of technology, i.e., working in a web browser or application rather than showing slides.  It also works well for capturing slides with your voice.
    2. See for examples and instructions
  2. Sakai Knowledge Nuggets: 1-5 minute videos, made on site with Flips, edited after conference
    1. Flip cameras will be available at the registration desk.
    2. Citizen Journalists will be around, carrying their equipment, so ask them to videotape you!
  3. Streaming of sessions: Spearheaded by Mathieu Plourde, 7 laptops streaming and recording from each breakout rooms.
    1. Your session will be captured and streamed live while you present. This is particularly effective for sessions that are rich with discussion, and for engaging remote participants.
    2. Please bring a colleague with you or ask for a volunteer to manage the computer and the remote discussion while you're presenting and/or leading discussion. It's hard to do both at once. Instructions for the video stream operator will be on-screen and next to the computer. We have made the process as easy and foolproof as possible.
    3. See for instructions.

7. Contributing your presentation to the conference archive

There is an event on SlideShare to host your conference slides.  Please see for information about archiving.

You can also create a page for your session on Confluence, as some of your colleagues already did.

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