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If you're here, the computer is on and you have fired-up Firefox or Safari, so that's good!

Step 1: Hardware Checkup

  • Make sure the computer's power supply is connected. We do not want the streaming computers to run on battery power.
  • Make sure the external "Creative! Live" webcam is plugged in one of the USB port.
  • Check the sound settings of the machine to make sure the microphone is enabled and that its volume is set to the highest possible setting (the mic needs to be as sensitive as possible since the presenter will not be sitting at the machine).

Step 2: Ustream Show URL

  • Click the following link for Grand Mesa A (GMA) in a new tab/window:
  • You will be asked to login. Login information should be next to the computer.
  • You should see an interface that looks like this (if you don't, locate and click the "Your Shows" link at the top of the page):

Step 3: Twitter Login

  • Hit "Skip"

Step 4: Ustream Broadcasting Screen

  • Allow Flash to access the webcam:

  • Check the following parameters in the correct order:

Step 5: Stop Recording

  • Once the session is over, click "Stop Record".
  • You will be prompted to save the recording on the right-hand side. Click "Save".
  • Copy and paste the following info in the fields if you don't have the time to fill it in correctly.
    • Title: Sakai Denver
    • Description: Session recorded at the 2010 Sakai conference.
    • Tags: sakai10, session, sakai

Step 6: Leave Everything Running

  • Leave everything running for the next session. That will accelerate the process.