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Guidelines for Reviewing and Voting on Proposal Submissions

2010 Sakai Conference

  1. Review all proposals to get an idea what is proposed
  2. Vote (1-5 stars) unless you feel you should skip a particular one because 1) it's your own proposal, 2) you have a conflict of interest, or 3) you are not familiar enough with the presenter and/or content to make a decision
  3. Add comments if you think any of the information is incorrect (wrong track, audience, etc.) or incomplete. Track leads will be responsible for contacting the submitter to get additional information or to confirm changes.
  4. All voting must end by the start of the committee meeting on 3/16
  5. On 3/16 the committee will walk through every proposal to get a final approval status
  6. Following the final approval the Track Leads will begin to schedule their track sessions. See: Scheduling Conference Sessions Guidelines
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