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  • Wednesday - Supporting Sakai - An Overview of User Support at the University of Michigan
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Track:  Deploying Sakai

 Description:  Sakai has been in use at the University of Michigan for the past five years, serving tens of thousands of customers. In this presentation you'll hear best practices and lessons learned from supporting a wide variety of end-users in a large-scale Sakai deployment. Get the straight dope on supporting Sakai from the front-line folks who answer the phones and respond to the email.

Presenter:  Jeff Ziegler is the Support Supervisor for the University of Michigan's instance of Sakai, and has been supporting Sakai users in the front-line trenches for nearly five years.  He credits his ability to solve the incredibly amazing issues of Sakai users to inexhaustible patience, and a realization that more user issues are resolved through empathy and understanding than through the application of technological skills (next time you have a frantic faculty member on the line, just hand the phone to a developer and you'll see what I mean...).

Presentation slides (PDF) 

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