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  • Wednesday - Sakai Planning Made Easy - 4 Steps to a Successful Rollout
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4 Steps to a Successful Rollout
Presenters: Patty Wolfe, Unicon
Track: Sakai Implementation
Room: Aquarium
Time: 14:15 - 13:00, Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Description: Does implementing Sakai on campus sound like a daunting task? Unicon works with many clients from the planning stages through the development process to successfully launch Sakai. Unicon has developed an easy 3 step process to outline the key deliverables for each phase of the implementation process that will allow you to develop your high level project plan and quickly get started. This session isn't for the faint at heart. Get ready to roll-up your sleeves and participate in this interactive session and let Unicon show you how your organization holds the keys to success.

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