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Track:  Deploying Sakai

 Description:  This session will present participants with several support requests gathered over the past year at University of Michigan. Rather than simply offering "the answer" however, participants will be encouraged to present possible solutions and discuss pros and cons of different approaches. One possible solution for each scenario will be presented at the end of each section. In addition to specific technical answers to particular support challenges, participants will come away with a better understanding of the way in which Sakai can be extended and made more flexible from a support perspective. Several Best Practices and Lessons Learned will be shared along the way by way of illustrating the specific scenarios discussed.

Presenter:  Jeff Ziegler is the Support Supervisor for the University of Michigan's instance of Sakai and has been supporting Sakai users in the front-line trenches for nearly five years and though only a white belt in SAK-Fu,  he is a recipient of the coveted Sakaiger for his contributions in QA.  He credits his ability to solve the incredibly amazing issues of Sakai users to inexhaustible patience, and a realization that more user issues are resolved through empathy and listening than through the application of martial arts skills (although he has been tempted...).

Presentation slides (PDF)

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