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Virginia Tech's Transition to Sakai


Virginia Tech is beginning the process of transitioning to Sakai as its primary Collaboration Learning Environment. Come hear about the details of our plan including communication, training, content, test and quiz migration and the overall process used in orchestration of this major undertaking.


John Moore, Virginia Tech, jmoore1 (at) vt (dot) edu
Will Humphries, Virginia Tech , whumphri (at) vt (dot) edu
Teggin Summers, Virginia Tech, teggin (at) vt (dot) edu
Amber D. Evans, Virginia Tech, adevans (at) vt (dot) edu
David McPherson, Virginia Tech, dmcphers (at) vt (dot) edu

Day, Time, Location

Thursday, 9:45-10:45, Crispus Attucks


Deploying Sakai


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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Virginia Tech's Transition to Sakai.pptx Jul 09, 2009 by Dave McPherson

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  • Amber D. Evans
  • David McPherson

Tentative Panel Structure

1. Introduction

2. Who We Are

3. Where We've Been

4. What We've Been Up To

5. How are We Doing

6. Training

NOTE: Amber has included all of her notes within the presentation itself so you are welcome to use and read them.  Here are a few additional references that you may wish to follow up on if Roger's Diffusion of Innovations or Hord and Hall's Concerns-Based Adoption Model:

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7. Future Plans