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10-11am Thursday, 9 July 2009 in BOF room 203

BOF session to discuss and plan resources for the requirements and development of first-generation Sakai 3 course websites.

This BOF arose out of the discussion during the 6 July 2009 Project Coordination meeting. The goal will be to discuss, define, and marshal resources to complete development of a first-generation course "site" capabilities in Sakai 3.

People representing institutions that may deploy or adopt Sakai 3 for course sites or are engaged in Sakai 3 development are encouraged to attend.

Notes From the BOF. July 11th, 2009 1:15PM to 2:15PM

Scribe: Steven Githens
These are the raw notes, I still need to finish formatting them to confluence markup.

Basic Milestone Teaching Use Case

1. Workspace
*. Add and Manage Users (Particiapant, not Groups)
*. Welcome Students
*.  Set Expectations (Distribute Syllabii)
*.  Share Material (Share lecture notes)
*. Set the students about a task 

Sakai 3 Capabilities Whiteboard Screenshot
Making Workspaces ( Provisioning )
Seeing Rosters
Sharing Files ( All Participants )
Authoring BNasic Content ( All Part. )
Sharing Syllabi
Templatize Layout/Structure
Permission / Access
Versiioning | Contribution Ownership & Aggreataion
Messaging | Discussing
Justifications / Activity Streaming

Agnostic Presentation / Interaction

Things we have decided here
We need to communicate the idea of a simple course. The Model.

2 Sentences to sum up our milestone goals.
In my mind it was to fill the need for web enhanced tool to aid teaching learning.

  • I need to figure out who my students are and post my syllabus.
  • Tell all my students something.
    (star) Existing customers who want to early adopt may be able to ues existing 2.x work.

Part of this work is as a confidence builder for the community as a first step to show that we can do course sites.

We think we have this a coming milestone already??
A super minimal start and then raise the bar.

Defining a simple course site.. What capabilities need to be there to support teaching and learning, and then to support the practices at our particular institution.

We need to think about ways for students to post things, such as Blogs, question and answer among class/group camaraderie. This should likely be part of basic funtionality.

Drawing consensus for todays session. Finding whats doen and waht needs to be doen.

Capabilities Profiles. The Stephen Marquard suggests! Aggregating the ideas from above.

Who are we trying to satistfy with this milestone list? New adopters? Or is this just part of one of our iterations.
This is to ensure we are able to build course scenerios, and to prove that we can build stuff, and to be sufficient enough for soem folks to get started.
Sufficient capability to imagine that this is something we can use.

This is NOT the definitive list for a 0.1 Release.

This is an example of something you can get started with. Awesome example was NYU using Ning when BB wouldn't meet their basic collaborative requirements. We can attract folks with this.

We are identifying examples of things that could be the awesome substrate, but may not fit every use case on campus.

It would be interesting if there were a sequence we could agree on on how these capabilities are added, and how they would continue to be added going forward.

Whatever these previews are called, Milestone 1 or whatever, as a group we came up with some solid deliverable items from the list.

Is this going through a full QA though???? WHAT DO WE CALL THIS? This questioon is out of scope for the discusion.

There is a huge difference between a Preview thing vs Ning that can actually be used by real students in production.

3.0 is the First release we would actually expect to use with real people, everything prior is a preview.

This is a development milestone, not a release milestone. We are using the milestone to get us to finish stuff. Confidence Building. Technology Proving.

This could still achieve the goals and objectives by running a dev milestone with a trusted set of folks in a production pilot. RSmart could do QA with a dev milestone enough to share with clients if need be.

THis BOF? What is it for? Determining the needs for a Development Milestone, that maybe intense institutions could use in a limited production? Finding a minimal set of stuff for teaching and learning. A first step that would be useful.

One Possible Scenerio:
0.5. MIlestone defined
1. Build it.
2. Its attractive and compelling
3. A month or two of QA
4. Someone might actually use it?

The Botimer Two:
1. Initial phase, we need stuff to write code against.
2. craZ faculty starts playing around with this and run it for thier stuff. These are the same folks who are grokking Ning and Google Docs in their classes.

"The Attitude Towards Risk"
This is the hard core Ning Pedagolgialc instructor

but... what about the 80% of faculty on campus.

Back to Business: During this BOF were going to deterimne a small cluster of capabilities needed for developers to get started... however! This is different from saying that this particular cluster is what is going to be called 3.0. THIS IS NOT A PRODUCTION RELEASE!!

The Marquard Two:
1. It should be reliable enough to use with real people.
2. But not the PR Liability we want to call 3.0

(discussion about the purpose of this BOF)

We are not making the list, and David is grokking the language of real people, not software developers. Not just sharing files, really welcoming students and hadning out the syllabii. This dicussion includes a list of the base functionality needed by regular instructors. The first moves that faculty do in classes regardless of technology. If we enact the age old template of learning in the realm of Sakai 3, then the capablitlies will come about.

One major outcome:
We need to demonstrate the value of preview releases with multiple use cases drawing from different pedagogical use cases.

Part of these use cases is setting the language for describing teaching and learning.

We would like to bump up at least one insanely innovative thing from the list that can only be done in the digital world.

The BOF is nearly over.

Post-BOF: Put the notes out to the community.
This community happened, we'd like to invite you to check them out and join us on a phone call.
This was a prototype meeting, we have maybe learned how to discuss some of these things.

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